color="#CCCCCC">"yanlışlar şehrinde randevu" - "rendezvous in the mistaken city"
(October 1995)
"hırsızlama aşklar, gri yalnızlıklar" - "love stolen, loneliness grey" (November 1996)
"portakal tek meyve değildir" - "oranges are not the only fruit"
(March 1997)
"başka gezegenin insanları" - "people of another planet" (March 1997)
"new york blues"
(March 1997)

Liman publications.


· 15 August 2000 - Poem installation named "silent scream" at the 3rd exhibition themed "Chaos and the Future", organized by "Cekirdek (Seed) Art Society" at the Exhibition Gallery of the Naval Musem, Istanbul.

· 26 June-5 July 1998 - Poem installation named "the age of metalic love" at "Genç Etkinlik (Youth Event) IV", organized by the International Plastic Arts Society at Tüyap, Istanbul.

· 21 April 1998 - As a member of the International Pen Association of Writers, I participated and represented Turkey in a conference for celebrations of the World Poetry Day that took place at the University of Dar-ül İhsan Department of English Language and Literature, Bangladesh.

· July 1997 - Poem installation named "the room -the chaos- of the poet" at "Genç Etkinlik III" at Tüyap, Istanbul.

· December 1996 - Poem performance named "like a clip" organized by the Interdisciplinary Young Artists Society at Atatürk Culture Centre.

· July 1996 - Poem installation named "rendezvous in the mistaken city".


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